What About the Men? Online Course


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This material is a diving board to help propel you more deeply into the topic “What About the Men?”  Whether you are a professional looking for more resources to address domestic violence as it relates to men, a concerned friend or family member, or just looking for self-improvement, this course will be of help. We invite you to take a leap with us into this difficult topic, hoping for respectful engagement between us, you, and your fellow students via the reflective practices offered throughout the course and in our private Facebook group.

This is a difficult subject to address and sometimes not even safe to talk about. We have created pertinent material in an effort to address men’s issues with regard to domestic violence. This course will cover issues such as:

  • Engaging our own stories of violence and abuse

  • Men who have been abused in their childhood

  • Men who have a history with violence both as victim and perpetrator

  • Engaging healing change

  • Resources for the journey

Men must learn to engage their own stories of shame and self-hatred in order to begin to create safe space for love and intimacy to grow. Domestic violence is as much a men’s issue as women’s, if not more so. It’s time for men to thoughtfully engage the complex issues of domestic violence.  As men, we must grow in self-awareness and take responsibility for who we have been, who we are, and who we are becoming.

This course will not answer all your questions, but will provide you with resources to take you further in reflection and conversation. Upon completion you will be prompted to take a quiz and fill out a course evaluation.


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