Speaking Up! Mental Health Professionals Online Course


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Mental Health Professionals have often been mistrusted and misunderstood by religious communities, especially when it comes to matters of the family.  It is crucial that mental health professionals, working with religious communities, are open to the concerns and viewpoints of leaders.  It is the leaders of the church and community who are looking for help when supporting their members.  When referring, there may be fear that one of their loved ones be ‘led astray’ from their religious-convictions and foundations.  To be fully able to address the needs of individuals and families facing the pain of domestic violence, this course is essential. It assists the mental health and religious communities to work together to understand their differences and similarities.  It shows them how to combine their strengths for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals, families and society.

There are 11 modules included, each designed to take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This curriculum is offered online and is accompanied by videos that will share real-life stories from domestic violence survivors. Educational materials provided by domestic violence advocates and religious resources provided by Christian faith communities.  All is combined to educate and invite dialogue about the impact of domestic violence and trauma in the Christian community.

Topics include:
  • Self Care.
  • Definitions of Domestic Violence.
  • Dynamics of Power and Control.
  • Impact of Violence on Children.
  • Parenting and Domestic Violence.
  • Safety Planning.
  • Responding to Domestic Violence within the Christian Faith.
  • Recommendations for Working with Victims and Perpetrators.
  • The Community of Faith as a Resource.
  • Links Between Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.
  • Change and Accountability.
  • A Coordinated Community Response.

Upon completion you will be prompted to take a quiz and fill out a course evaluation.  Thank you for considering this course.  Speaking Up is key for all of us!

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