Domestic Violence: A Spiritual Matter for Victims and Survivors

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This course, Speaking Up: Recognizing and Addressing Domestic Violence in the Christian Community is designed for those in mental health professional, academic and Christian faith communities.

An online version of this training is available, as is a hardbound version. 


Christian Response

Are you a lay counselor, working in the ministry or longing to learn from the scriptures how to address domestic violence and trafficking?  You have come to the right place.

Mental Health Professionals

Counseling when domestic violence is disclosed can be confusing and dangerous.  This course will equip you to address both needs of victims and perpetrators, especially those within the Christian faith.

Trainer Package

For those interested in training and training materials.

What About the Men?

This course is a resource to address domestic violence as it relates to men as perpetrators or victims, a concerned friend or family member, or just looking for self-improvement.   

Domestic violence can shake the very foundation of one’s faith and create a spiritual crisis.  In the midst of crisis, Christians often turn to their faith, church community and spiritual leaders for help. At other times, they turn to those in the field of mental health or academia. This training offers those interacting with survivors and perpetrators a guided path to addressing domestic violence and the religious issues and concerns that surface for Christians struggling to integrate beliefs and practices with their life experience. Real life stories of those impacted by domestic violence, and supplemental materials, invite you into a global discussion on ending violence that includes safety, accountability and a coordinated community response. Click here to read one person’s response to the video below, one of a series of videos you will interact with in the training.
With the testimony from survivors of domestic violence at the heart of this work, you will hear from those who are remembering and telling the truth about some of the saddest events of their lives. They are speaking up and in recovery. You will be called to witness their stories as they tell them. They are gifts to help lead us to a common understanding and build solidarity against terror and despair. Understanding and solidarity is indeed a strong antidote to traumatic experiences and crucial for change. Be prepared to let this material change your life! Lawyers, developers, financial planners,  survivors, spouses, offspring, friends… they all SPEAK UP to say they care.  Please join them by taking this invaluable training!!!

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